17 Nov 2017

A city centre visit

The last few weeks I've been quite busy on some days and I took time off from blogging to spend time with family, read, study on line, meet a friend and go to different local events. 
I went with my granddaughter to the train station early one morning to see her off back to university and then I had a wander around the city as it was a bright sunny day just right for taking some photos. 

There was a statue that had recently been installed outside the train station. Being known as 'steel city' many of the street art features are made from metal and this one was rather ingenious as it was made from allen keys.

The fountains, water features and steel walkway
greet visitors to the city as they leave the train station.

Colourful posters show what goes on in the city
throughout the year.

I walked through the Millennium Gallery to the Winter Garden. The latest art exhibition Ravilious & Co. is on at the moment.  I've been twice to see  the exhibits as there's a lot to take in and I hope to go to one of the talks by the curator of the exhibition. 

The window at the end of the gallery corridor is often artistically decorated.

In the Winter Garden there are always pop-up exhibitions and activities hosted by various organisations and departments of the University of Sheffield.

This exhibition of mainly portraits and scenes were exhibited by Olivia Howland an anthropologist and artist with roots in the English traveller community. She gained her PhD in 2016 in Applied Anthropology and has been based in East Africa for the past 12 years where she lives in rural Kenya.  She built her house in 2012 on the side of a beautiful mountain.   She currently works in Tanzania and is a researcher on a project for the University of Sheffield which has given her the opportunity to meet the people and visit some of the places featured in her paintings (oil on canvas).  

The Winter Garden is one of my favourite places in the centre of Sheffield and as there is always something different going on there in the spaces surrounding the wonderful trees and plants I'll share more another day.  This week it has been decorated for Christmas.

I hope all is going well with you.  Wishing you a good day and a peaceful weekend and I'll speak to you soon.
Linda :)