21 Feb 2018

Floral Bliss #60

Hello everyone. Thank you for all your kind messages for a good new year.  Mr. P and I are well although I did have a fall when walking out in the slushy snow last month. Thankfully there were no injuries except a sore wrist, but it made me more wary about going out walking.  The weather has been so cold even on brighter days. The snow and ice comes and goes.  Yesterday was much brighter, and I did take a walk in our local park, but it was still very cold.  We look forward to warmer days here in the UK and when we go to Italy for our usual Springtime trip. 
Today I'm joining Ritta's Floral Bliss link-up because we've been enjoying the indoor plants that brighten up our home during these Winter days.  I'll share more another time. This amaryllis which is a double petalled one called 'Dancing Queen', given to us by one of the grandsons for Christmas, has been a joy to watch as it has grown and flowered over the last few weeks.  There have been two stems that have produced flowers and as we've never had an amaryllis before as a pot plant we've appreciated its beauty. 
Wishing everyone a good day and week,
Linda :)