27 Feb 2018

Floral Bliss #61

Hello everyone.  Today I'm joining Riitta's Floral Bliss linkup to share some of the flowers and plants that I've enjoyed having in our home and seeing whilst visiting  my favourite local gardens during February.  

The tulips were given to me by Mr P for Valentine's Day and the carnations were a gift from our daughter who lives locally.  Both bouquets have lasted because they were received as tight buds and are now in full bloom. 

Paper white narcissi are on the kitchen window sill along with other pots of seedlings and the miniature irises are in the covered yard. These are the second phase of bulbs in pots that have flowered as we had white hyacinths and other miniature irises in bloom indoors during January. 

In between the exotic plants in the Winter Garden in Sheffield city centre Spring bulbs have been planted in shadier areas. The white narcissus looks pretty against variegated leaves of a plant that gives ground cover under the palms and fern trees. There are some beautiful orchids, large and small varieties.

On a rare sunny day I went to the library in the local park and walked in the walled garden. There's always something different to notice there.  The bushes had been trimmed by the volunteers who are always busy keeping the garden looking good. This time the hazel tree looked beautiful as the catkins were out. Underneath the tree some new bushes were being trained into the shape of small animals and also protected in an original way.  

Thank you for visiting and thank you in advance for your kind comments.  I'm going to take a blog break and wish you well in the coming days.