22 Sep 2017

Five on Friday

Hello everyone.  Thank you for coming by.  Today I'm joining in the Five on Friday linkup hosted by Tricky at FASTblog and I'm looking back at the times I've stopped to enjoy the street entertainers whilst walking around Rome's city centre and the city where I live. They do add a lively atmosphere to the city scene and give the walker a chance to stop, take a little rest and enjoy the creativity of the artists.

1. These musicians playing jazz had found a shady spot under the umbrella pines by the Roman Forum. 

2. There were quite a few of these artists busily creating colourful pictures with their spray cans of paint.  It was fascinating to watch them build up a picture with the different templates and add textures with simple equipment such as the edge of a piece of card. Even if the artists working on street corners around this area have been trained to work with these spray paints to create similar pictures they're talented and it's interesting to see the process.  

3.  This wood carver was working at his bench in a workshop that was open to the street and, of course, this attracted passers-by to stop and watch.  He obviously specialised in Pinocchio figures.  It was in a street near the Pantheon and hopefully I shall go back one day and take a second look in his shop as he was making and selling other items made of wood.     

4.  There's always something going on in the streets around Sheffield city centre, especially at the weekends and this group of drummers caught my attention.....

5.   ..... as did this artist making a sand sculpture.

I'm sure he was pleased that people appreciated his work.

Well, this is all for now.  I shall share more fully our walk around Rome's historic centre another day.  We visited the usual areas that are popular with tourists. However, there's always something new to see along the way each time I go into this amazing city.

Wishing you a good day and weekend,
Linda :)