24 Mar 2017

Five on Friday

Hello everyone. We've been in Italy where we were grateful for some dry, sunny weather so that we could give the house a good airing, do some more work in the garden, see the family and generally relax. I'll be sharing more over the next few blog posts, but today I'm joining in Five on Friday Weekly Meetup which from this week onwards is being hosted by Tricky and Carly who have the interesting blog, F.A.S.T (Family Attempting To Survive The Times).
Regular followers of my blog will find my photos of the Italian garden familiar as I've been sharing the work that goes on there by Mr. P. over the years, mainly in the Spring and the Autumn.  In recent years we've been able to maintain the upkeep of the garden with outside help so that all that needs to be done is the cutting of the grass and the pruning of the trees, vines and shrubs. There's less to do in the Springtime as in the Autumn when there are the grapes to collect and fallen leaves to sweep up and as we were in Italy in November we found that the grass was still short after having hired someone with a tractor to mow it for us and, therefore,  it didn't need cutting this time.

1. views from the front garden

2. views from the side garden and drive

3. the back garden

Mr. P. pruned one of the fig trees - this one is 'the mother' of the tree we have in our UK garden.

4. wild flowers and daffodils

There are wild flowers growing in the grass - grape hyacinths,
a variety of lily, flowering herbs.

5. The pruning of the vines, shrubs and trees - most of the vines were pruned in November. 
They need to be pruned before the sap rises.

pruning some of the apple trees

The twigs will be used as kindling in the wood burning stove
when they dry out.

We decided to cut down the ornamental cypress trees as they need
 so much effort to keep trimmed down to a manageable level.
So far Mr. P. has cut down three of them leaving some branches
 that will be kept at a low height.

Branches were stacked in a corner of the garden. Other branches
 and logs are stored in the cantina/garage.

We are still getting over our journey so this is a short blog post.  The travelling and flight went smoothly, but it was a long day yesterday. I'll share more another day although next week we will be attending the funeral of a dear sister-in-law, the wife of Mr. P.'s half brother. She died suddenly whilst we were in Italy. It was through this couple that I met my husband as they lived next door to us in my home town when I was a young girl and teenager. Thank you for all your blog messages sent recently and I hope that all is well with you.  I hope to catch up with you over the weekend. Wishing you a peaceful one.

3 Mar 2017

Five on Friday

Hello everyone.  Being Friday it's that time again when we get together for the Five on Friday linkup, the first of a new month!  Happy March to you all!   We are grateful to Amy for organising the linkup. The linkup is here if you would like to join in or see who is participating this week. Tricky and Carly of FAST blog will be taking on and hosting the Five on Friday meetup link on the 24th March, which is much appreciated.

I'm taking a blogging break next week, but I hope to participate in Five on Friday meetup at the end of the month. This Friday I'm sharing some of what I've been doing at home and locally over the last few weeks.

I finished the embroidery that I started when we were taking
a holiday in Italy in November. 

I've been working on my crocheting and finished off the edges
of this blanket after sewing in the strands of yarn on the back.
(I shall continue working on the one in grey, mocha brown and blue
 yarn as it needs a lot more squares crocheted before it's a complete blanket).

On a sunny morning this week I walked in the local park,
went into the library to take some books back before 
going to meet a friend.  It was good to see the crocuses out.
There were yellow crocuses elsewhere as well as these pretty 
mauve and purple ones.

My friend and I went and had a cup of tea and a chat
in one of the tea rooms near the park. We haven't seen one another
 for a while so we had lots of news to catch up on.

Thank you for visiting, for your interest and your kind comments left on my blog posts. Until the next time we meet I wish you peaceful days,
Linda :)